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APS provides free online access to all APS journals in U.S. public libraries and high schools.

This initiative is offered by APS as a contribution to public engagement with the ongoing development of scientific understanding.

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APS Agrees to Continue Participation in SCOAP3

APS has signed an agreement with CERN to continue to include three of its world-leading journals in the third three-year phase of SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics), which commences January 1, 2020. The arrangement means high-energy physics (HEP) articles accepted by Physical Review Letters, Physical Review C, and Physical Review D will be published open access and funded by SCOAP3, with no publication charges for authors. APS is extending its participation in SCOAP3 as a continuance of its commitment to open access, as adopted by APS Council in 2009.

COUNTER Release 5 Reports Now Available

APS has implemented the COUNTER Release 5 Code of Practice to provide the most up-to-date usage statistics service and reporting available.