New Usage Statistics Provider

The American Physical Society (APS) is pleased to announce a new engagement with Squid Solutions, using their Inqwell platform, to provide COUNTER Release 4 compliant usage statistics for the Physical Review family of journals. Your new statistics from the Inqwell platform will become available in early December 2016, through our librarian portal,

What to Expect

  • A seamless single sign-on: Once you are logged into the APS librarian portal, no further authentication will be needed to access your usage statistics. In addition, password changes will now take effect immediately.
  • Usage statistics will be updated daily, rather than once per month. This also means we will no longer send routine monthly emails to announce the availability of your previous month’s usage.
  • A full five years (back to 2012) of usage statistics has been imported to the new service. We have taken this opportunity to update all reports to be COUNTER Release 4 compliant. Previously, only reports from July, 2015 and forward were Release 4 compliant.
  • If you currently use SUSHI, you will soon receive an email with your new credentials and endpoint.
  • During December, 2016, both our old and new usage statistics platforms will be available to ensure a smooth transition to the new Inqwell platform.

APS continues to work diligently and cost-effectively to give you the data you need to make informed decisions. We welcome your questions and feedback, which may be sent to